The Mission

Brain Potential is a non-profit company whose purpose is two-fold: first, to increase public awareness and educate the public about stroke – how people get them, the risk factors, and the warning signs when someone is having a stroke, and that the people under the age of 50 get strokes each year too.

Brain Potential is an organization that will strives to educate people as to how a stroke works, different kinds of strokes, and how there can be life after that chapter.  The purpose of the website is to challenge us to grow out of what we knew, and to think differently, using unique potential of our brains.  A stroke can happen to any one, any time, any brain.

My story: On the morning of the February 13th, I woke up to my alarm at six and I had a headache. I thought it was odd, because at that time in my life, I was getting headaches about once a week, but I never had woken up with them. So I took some Advil and went to bed for another hour. At seven, my headache persisted. That night, around 12:30 a.m., I woke up and I couldn’t move my right arm. I ascended out of bed again at 4:30 a.m., but this time my whole right side was paralyzed, and when I tried to step down, I went crashing to the ground.  By then I knew something was wrong, though I could not tell what it was.  When the paramedics were called, they took me to the UCLA Stroke Center, and there the doctor asked me my name; I answered by saying “9364” thinking that I was saying “Marcy Shugert.”  After a battery of tests, the doctors conclusively said I had had an ischemic stroke because of a tear to my left carotid artery, of unknown origin.  The journey back to being “me” has been a long one, and I could not have done it without my family or my friends.  Every day is another victory!


Brain Potential

E-mail: contact@brainpotential.org

Founder: Marcy Shugert

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