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Three types of Stroke

Do you know the different types of strokes? There are three main types of strokes. Each has its own unique causes, affects, and treatments. Learn more about a specific type of stroke.

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIAs)



Stroke Treatment

Strokes can have a major impact on a survivor's life. Relearning skills that many take for granted, recovery can be long and difficult. These articles will be useful for stroke survivors, their family members and their caregivers.

Risk Factors Diagnosis and Treatment of Stroke [video]

How to know you are at risk for a stroke

More data on stroke rates – Neurology Today

History of Strokes and the Average Costs Associated

What is a Stroke and how do I know the risk factors?

Stroke Risk Factors

Brain Attack – What You Need To Know About Stroke

Young Stroke Survivors

Brain Potential was started as a resource for young stroke survivors. There is confusion when a stroke happens to a young person and these articles are meant to be informative and inspirational.

Stroke Before 50 – by Jon Caswell of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

Why Are America’s Teens Having More Strokes?

A Surge in Strokes

The Muted Plight of Young Stroke Survivors

Closing Holes in Heart Important Treatment for Young Stroke Patients, Study Says

Inside the Brain: 
Pediatric Neurologists Use MRI to Understand How Strokes Impair Verbal Abilities

Gene Variants Linked to Risk of Stroke in Young Women

Iron Deficiency Anemia and Stroke in Young Children

Young Stroke Survivors Have Less Access to Care, Medication

Young People Need to Know About Strokes and Its Prevention

Strokes Are Rising Fast Among Young, Middle-Aged

Stroke Rising Among Young People

Some Young Stroke Victims Are Misdiagnosed: Study

General Stroke Information

Learning more about strokes is the first step in raising awareness and understanding what is happening to those who are affected by stroke. Review the articles below to learn more about types of stroke, how strokes occur, and the results of having a stroke.

Music Helps Stroke Victims Communicate, Study Finds – WSJ

Stroke Terms

These are concepts that are important to understanding strokes.

Apraxia – What is it?

Dysphagia – What is it?

Aphasia – What is it?

What is a recurrent stroke?

What is a hemmorhagic stroke?

What is a thalamic stroke?

What is an ischemic stroke?

What is a TIA (transient ischemic attacks)?