Learn F.A.S.T. ways to follow the stroke warning signs! 06/18/2013

The quicker you know, the faster you can get to the hospital and get help! F – face drooping; A – arm weakness; S – speech difficulty; T – time to call 911.

This is an interesting article about the “misconception” of how strokes occur, and that they aren’t always associated with pain.

* Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke

* 55,000 more women than men receive a stroke in a given year

* Risk factors are smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, abnormal heart rhythm..or it could be s structural problem!

*Brain makes the decisions about their health – and the stroke may impair this ability, even if temporarily

You can get the iPhone mobile app for F.A.S.T., and raising awareness about strokes. You could save a life!

The article is here:.


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